Mind Aerobics: The Takeaway

September 4, 2019

I recently met with Debbie Robbins, a local realtor and recent graduate of the Mind Aerobics program, a research-based cognitive training course offered locally by Mind University. In partnership with JVS Human Services, trained instructors administer different curricula over the course of several weeks that maximize your cognitive abilities.

“I wanted to take the course a few years ago but didn’t make the time for it,” Debbie tells me. “Then I saw Lynn and Mary speak at a community event and it just clicked for me, that in order to age well I needed to exercise my mind just like I need to exercise my body! Lynn Breuer, LMSW, and Mary Martella, LLMSW, are JFS’ Mind Aerobics instructors. “Mary taught our class and she was great. She offered all of us tremendous support. The tasks become harder as you get better at them so it’s a really good challenge for your brain. I think most of us believe we’re doing all we can for our cognition but we’re really not. I just wish I would have taken the class sooner.”

Debbie shared that each Mind Aerobics class touches on all 6 brain tasks vital to cognition: Reaction Time, Visual/Spatial skills, Attention and Concentration, Memory, Language, and Problem-solving. “I attended the class with my mother, who turns 90 in February, and I noticed a difference in her by the end of class. I really think it helped with her driving. Once I started the program, the time flew by. You get to know everyone in the class and realize that we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. It was really interesting and I can’t recommend it enough.”

Debbie said, “Sometimes as you get older you wonder if your brain is starting to slow down. My brain is just fine! The more I work at it, the better it’s going to be.”

For more information about Mind Aerobics and it’s parent program, Mind University, visit here.