Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan


Inspired by the wisdom and values of Jewish tradition, we strengthen lives through compassionate service.


A community in which no person faces life’s challenges alone.



Compassion and caring for others.

btzelem-elohimB’tzelem Elohim

If we see each person as created in the image of G-d, we can see humanity and dignity in all people.

rodef-shalomRodef Shalom

We will be pursuers of peace.


We are obligated to create justice in the world.

tikkun-olamTikkun Olam

We are obligated to work toward making the world right and whole.

shmirat-halashonShmirat Halashon

Guarding one’s use of language.

al-tifrosh-min-hatsiburAl Tifrosh Min Hatsibur

Solidarity with those around us.