Strategic Plan

These strategies were adopted by the Board of Directors in Spring of 2014.

  1. Clarify the meaning, practices and implications of being a Jewish organization
  2. Enhance and expand the agency-wide quality improvement plan that applies outcome-based standards to all JFS service and operations
  3. Develop a culture of respect, communication and shared commitment to our team and mission
  4. Determine the process for JFS to identify, evaluate and develop new programmatic opportunities
  5. Expand the capacity and solidify the identity of JFS as the premier provider of comprehensive aging in place
  6. Understand and identify the opportunities to serve the needs of the expanding Jewish interfaith families
  7. Define, organize and communicate major service categories of JFS
  8. Create and implement a strategic marketing plan to establish a recognizable and cohesive JFS brand
  9. Build upon the culture of philanthropy throughout JFS
  10. Strengthen our capacity to understand and meet the needs of the orthodox community and its members
  11. Ensure that here is a pipeline of young adults engaging with JFS as volunteers, Board members and supporters
  12. Identify our role and develop an implementation plan for integrated healthcare
  13. Develop a consistent approach to evaluate new and existing collaborative relationships