Meet the Cancers Thrivers new co-chairs!

March 19, 2019

The Cancer Thrivers Network for Jewish Women, a program of Jewish Family Service, is dedicated to enriching and empowering Jewish women through activities, friendship, resources, education and humor. The group welcomes women who have been diagnosed with any kind of cancer at any time in their lives. And JFS welcomes Barbara LaRue and Judie Blumeno in their new roles as co-chairs.

What first led you to join the Cancer Thrivers?

Barb: I was introduced to the group by Sandy Schwartz and Linda Finkel at an event.
Judie: I attended a couple of events and liked the Thrivers mission.

What’s the role of the group in your life?

Barb: The group has become a key element in my life and provides me with friendship and a meaningful purpose.
Judie: Meeting and making new friends with whom I can share common interests.

What are your goals as co-chairs?

Barb & Judie: To grow and enhance the group and contribute meaningful experiences to the membership.

Interested in becoming a Cancer Thriver? Contact Andrea Nitzkin at 248.592.3988 or