Meet our new board chairperson

October 26, 2017

Sue CurhanA member of our board of directors since 2013, Suzan F. Curhan is now taking the helm. A fan of hiking, reading, and volunteering, Sue is actively involved in our community, serving on Federation’s Board of Governors, the Women’s Philanthropy executive committee, and the steering committee of Partnership2Gether. She and her husband, Michael, have four children.

Q. How did you first get involved with JFS?

A. Former JFS President Mark Milgrom gets the credit. He told me about the work of JFS. Intrigued, I did my own research. I found myself excited, so I started volunteering.

Q. What have you most enjoyed about serving on the board?

A. It comes down to relationships. I am inspired by our professionals who work daily with our clients, as well as our board and our community. My fellow board members are committed and talented individuals and we have great discussions promoting the work of JFS. It is sacred work that can only be accomplished by working as a team.

Q. What’s your favorite Jewish holiday and why?

A. Sukkot.  From the family bonding of building the sukkah to the meals shared with others, Sukkot lives up to its nickname as the Season of Joy. It is a holiday of minimalism. We are surrounded by the elements, reminded how reliant we are on Mother Nature, and how blessed we are. It is a time of renewal and hope. We each have the opportunity to be optimists.  Our work at JFS captures that spirit!