Behavioral Health Navigation

Maybe you have a son who’s struggling in school. Or a daughter who’s having trouble controlling her anger. Perhaps you have an anxious fifth grader. Or a teenager who’s struggling socially, lost in the high school experience. Maybe you’re not sure of the exact problem. Maybe you are…but you just don’t know where to turn.  

Determining the kind of help your child needs, and finding the right mental health professional, can be overwhelming. Our Behavioral Health Navigator can help you connect with the most appropriate treatment resources available.  

And we’ll do more than just hand you a list of names and numbers. We’ll put you on the right path and guide you every step of the way. If you get turned around, we’ll change direction and continue the journey. Together. Until you find exactly what your child needs.  

To take that first step, contact Barrett Harr at 248.592.2666 or