Lev Detroit

Lev Detroit is Jewish Family Service’s initiative to offer comprehensive, accessible services to members of Detroit’s Orthodox communities. Individuals and families seeking help will have access to the depth and breadth of JFS’s services provided by culturally sensitive staff, as well as more tailored services specifically for the Orthodox community.

Resource Line

Lev Detroit’s Resource Line is a gateway for the Orthodox community to access resources within Jewish Family Service and in the broader community. JFS has both frum and culturally knowledgeable staff to provide guidance, compassion and support while helping callers access mental health services, financial assistance, older adult services and more. For assistance, contact Sammie Rosenbloom, Lev Detroit Coordinator at 248.592.2244 or srosenbloom@jfsdetroit.org

Holiday Assistance

Jewish Family Service recognizes that the Yomim Tovim can sometimes be a financial strain, and to that end we’re providing food gift cards to help qualifying families prepare for Rosh Hashanah and Pesach. A streamlined application process is available for all community members.

For more information, please contact Haviva Greenbaum at 248.592.2663 or holidayassistance@jfsdetroit.org

No Rosh Hashanah applications will be accepted after September 8, 2020

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Safety Kid Program

This comprehensive child sexual abuse prevention program for school staff, parents and children is designed specifically for the Orthodox community. The program uses culturally sensitive tools to empower communities and their children to prevent sexual abuse. Jewish Family Service has partnered with Safety Kid creator Debbie Fox to provide programming in Farber Hebrew Day School, The Lubavitch Cheder, Yeshiva Beth Yehudah, and Yeshivas Darchei Torah.

For more information, contact Sammie Rosenbloom, Lev Detroit Coordinator, at 248.592.2244 or srosenbloom@jfsdetroit.org

School-based Services

JFS social workers are based at community schools including The Lubavitch Cheder, Yeshiva Beth Yehudah and Yeshivas Darchei Torah. They are available to work with students, parents, teachers, and school administrators to grow the social-emotional culture within each school.

For more information, contact Ilene Tinman, Director of Youth and School-Based Services, at 248.592.2664 or itinman@jfsdetroit.org

Youth & School-based Services

Uniform Assistance

School uniforms are an important, yet expensive, part of many community families’ daily routines. To ensure that all students feel confident attending school, Jewish Family Service partners with Fit For A Kid to offer confidential financial assistance for families in need.

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