Because We Care

Because We Care connects Jewish youth with opportunities to engage in service and work for meaningful change through flexible, educational b’nai mitzvah service opportunities. One such opportunity is our Monthly Mitzvot projects, hands-on service activities planned and coordinated by Jewish Family Service staff. Each unique program provides insight into how JFS helps the community. We are working on future programming, but some programs from this past year have included:

Playing with a Purpose

Help make the JFS Play Therapy Room even more welcoming for the kids and teens who visit. You will help create a puppet theater, organize games, and much more.

Sundaes in the Sukkah

Help decorate our sukkah! This will allow families who are coming to the agency for services visit a sukkah during the holiday.

Fall Fix Up Block Party

JFS, in partnership with J-Serve, is creating special B’nai Mitzvah sites for our popular annual event. Come rake leaves and wash windows for older adults that JFS serves.

Hanukkah Helpers

Come create Hanukkah crafts for families and older adults enrolled in our Adopt a Family program.

Chicken Soup for the Soul of Detroit

Help prepare soup and assemble basic needs packages for homeless individuals in Detroit!

Parcels for Patients

In the spirit of Purim the following month, help create Purim Parcels for individuals going through cancer treatments.

Spring into Action!

This event will help older adults get their yards looking great for the spring and summer.

Help more b’nai mitzvah students make a difference in the lives of others with a donation that will go toward the purchase of program materials. To be the premier sponsor on any individual project JFS requests a $1,000 donation, and several advertising opportunities are available.

For more information on how you can sponsor Because We Care, contact Amy Newman at 248.592.2327 or

Do you have a child who would be interested in participating in Because We Care activities? Click here for more information or contact us at 248.592.2264 or