The Joy Project

Thank you to those who supported this year’s Joy Project!

By honoring the special women in your life for Mother's Day, YOU helped thousands of women and children in our community receive critical services from Jewish Family Service.

2023 Joy Project Summary:

$46,809 was raised 

267 donors sent 1,714 cards

182 women served by JFS received a Mother’s Day gift
donated by Tapper’s Jewelry.

Started in 2009 by Elanah Nachman Hunger in honor of her mother Joy Nachman,
the program has raised over $500,000 since its inception.

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297 women and 251 children and teens received much needed counseling services

404 women received assistance to keep food on the table

67% of those who utilized JFS transportation services to get to critical appointments were women

264 women received Geriatric Care Management Services to help them age in place

66% of those who received legal assistance through our Legal Referral Service program were women

22% of services provided were to women involved in domestic abuse situations


Hannah isn’t always able to afford the medications she takes for her migraines, which often cause her to call in sick to work. Your donation of a prescription can alleviate both her budget and her pain.

$18 = 1 card

Elanah's Story

Elanah Nachman Hunger founded The Joy Project in 2009 as a way to honor the woman who inspired her most—her mother, Joy Nachman.

I wanted to give my mother, Joy Nachman, something that would represent the extraordinary woman she is, but every gift paled in comparison to her. There was still more I wanted to do to recognize my wonderful mother. I wanted her to know that her children are caring and charitable individuals because of her. Out of gratitude for my mother, I wanted to recognize and appreciate other mothers who may be less fortunate. With an ambitious dream to pursue and a few phone calls, we were given the privilege to partner with Jewish Family Service and in 2009, The Joy Project was born. Since then, it has provided services to thousands of women and children in our community.

More about the Joy Project

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