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Boost memory and overall brain health

As we grow older, we need to put our brains first. They’re the center of our memories, our hobbies, our personalities and hold the key to our independence. Yet if we’re lucky to live a long life, we will all notice changes to our cognition. That’s where Mind University comes in. This program offers a 4-pronged approach to fighting cognitive decline, restacking the odds in favor of healthy aging.

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Mind Aerobics Classes

Give your brain a workout with Mind Aerobics cognitive training classes. Our program is the only one of its kind in Metro Detroit and is based on over a decade of research from the New England Cognitive Center (NECC).

Mind Aerobics classes are fun and interactive, and they target and challenge six critical cognitive functions with increasing speed and difficulty as sessions progress. Classes can help slow cognitive decline and maintain or even improve your cognition by providing much more than puzzles and online games, which don’t often translate to real-world results.

The Mind University team looks at where your cognition and brain health are now and where you can improve. Then, we match you with the appropriate Mind Aerobics class. At the end of the program, we assess to see how far you’ve come.

Key areas challenged in each class:

  • Memory Training
  • Reaction Time
  • Visual Spatial Skills
  • Attention & Concentration
  • Language
  • Problem Solving

Mind Aerobics Private Sessions

For those who prefer 1-on-1 sessions rather than group or would benefit from a more tailored approach, our trained Mind Aerobics instructors are also available for private sessions.

Gray Matters Monthly Workshops

These free monthly Zoom events feature a variety of speakers who are passionate about brain health. Workshops explore different ways to strengthen cognitive function through music, art, yoga, movement, stress management and more.

Community Presentations

Our Mind University team can provide informative, engaging presentations to community groups interested in brain health. For more information and to book a presentation, contact 248.788.MIND.

Ready to exercise your mind?

Contact us for more information.

Ready to exercise your mind?

Contact us for more information.