Basic Needs

We can help with life’s challenges.

We’ve all needed help at some point in our lives. When life gets difficult and you need a safety net and assistance meeting your basic needs, all you have to do is contact us.

At any moment, any of us can find ourselves facing unemployment, a disabling medical issue, or unexpected expenses. Our supportive team of social workers helps individuals and families by creating a customized plan to help get life back on track. We take a holistic approach and partner with you to help make sure basic needs such as food, housing, utilities and more are being met.

We can provide support in the following ways:

Public Benefits Enrollment

Our experienced staff will walk you through every step of the application and enrollment process of federal and state assistance programs. These programs include WIC, THAW, WRAP and Michigan Department of Health and Human Services programs, Medicaid, food assistance and State Emergency Relief.

Basic Needs Assistance

When you need help getting food, employment, housing support and more, our compassionate staff will connect you with the right resources.

Crisis Support

When facing a crisis, we can help you access and navigate resources to meet your basic needs in order to avoid long-term hardship.

Domestic Abuse Intervention

If you or someone you know is concerned about safety in a relationship or at home, contact us. We can provide counseling and services such as crisis intervention, referrals for emergency housing, transition planning and other support.

Contact us at 248.592.2313. This confidential line is answered Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

After hours, please contact HAVEN’s 24-hour crisis line at 248.334.1274.

Healthcare Navigation

Explore your healthcare options with a Certified Healthcare Navigator who helps community members access health insurance through the health care marketplace and assists with Medicaid and Medicare enrollment. Navigators provide assistance during annual Open Enrollment periods as well as throughout the year when a life-changing event affects your coverage. We’ll even review your current plan to ensure it’s still a good fit.

For more information and assistance, call 248.592.2662, email or use the contact form below.

Not finding what you are looking for? Call us anyway! Our Resource Center specialists can always direct you to the help you need.

Have questions? Our Resource Center specialists are here to help.