100 Mensches

Our Jewish community is not immune to domestic abuse. And as men, we play a critical role in raising awareness and providing education on a community level. Only then can we eliminate this all too prevalent issue. By contributing $100 to this annual campaign, you’ll help raise critical dollars needed for educational awareness and prevention initiatives in our communities; initiatives that you’ll help create and execute as a member of the 100 Mensches.

For more information about the 100 Mensches, contact Erica at 248-592-2664 or esaum@jfsdetroit.org

Essay Contest

One of the ways the Mensches raise awareness of domestic abuse is by engaging high school juniors and seniors with an essay contest.

Click here to read the 2018 winning essay.

Our 2019 winning essays

1st Place – Tom Sherman
2nd Place – Elena Hirsch
3rd Place – Samuel Gawel