The Sandwich Generation

September 24, 2019

The Sandwich Generation- We’ve all heard the phrase before, but like most defining moments, it takes on new meaning when it applies to you! People often remember where they were when JFK was shot…I don’t, I was too young at the time. But I definitely remember my first Sandwich Generation moment.

On my way to the printer to proofread materials for work, I received a call from my then 16 year old son, telling me that his flight to Dallas was delayed due to bad weather. As I was commiserating with him (after all, who ever heard of snow in Dallas!?!), my call waiting clicked and it was my mother-in-law, telling me that she was ill, needed to go to the doctor and didn’t have anything in the house she could eat.

And I thought “Uh-Oh…I’m there. What do I do now?”

Unfortunately I’m not alone. Many of my friends have had moments like these. They work full time, are concerned with their careers, are raising their children and, at the same time, need to take more and more care of their aging parents. Thankfully you don’t have to manage on your own. Help is available!

Have you ever had that feeling? Share your story with us.