Humans of JFS: Bev King

August 28, 2019

Bev King

Geriatric Care Manager

I remember when I was young, my father repeatedly saying to me, “You will graduate from high school and become a secretary.” Over and over he would say this and so I knew that is the path I would follow. As I got older I began to wonder why his goals for me weren’t set a little higher, as my friends started talking about going to college. Over the years I learned that my father, who grew up during the depression, had to drop out of school in eighth grade to support his family. He was the oldest of eight siblings. He worked in a factory his entire life and was embarrassed at not having an education. To him a high school diploma was a sign of success in life. I still remember the tears in my father’s eyes when he watched me graduate from high school. My father was still alive, when at age 42, I received my Bachelor’s degree.


Bev works with older adults to help them safely age in place.