Helping Helen

October 3, 2019

Helen Bodzin, 78, understands the importance of volunteering. As part of the JFS Fall Fix Up program, volunteers have been coming to her home each year for the past several years to rake leaves and wash the outsides of her windows. “The volunteers do an excellent job. They are so friendly. Sometimes, they bring their older children with them. I love that.”

The spirit of volunteering is close to Helen’s heart as she, herself, has donated many years to different organizations, including Providence Hospital where she learned computer skills and offered doctors her valuable medical dictation talents. What started as one day per week eventually  turned into four. Helen laughs, “I did this for a long time. Until my husband told me I’d better go out and get a paying job!” When I explain to Helen that her story will appear in our newsletter, she lights up. “My years colunteering all started because I saw a newspaper ad. I know how important it is to share my experience with others.”

Helen shares that Fall Fix Up, along with other JFS programs and services, has allowed her to stay in her house. “If it wasn’t for JFS,” Helen says, “I don’t think I could remain in my home.”