Adopt a Family: Zev’s Story

November 21, 2019

Zev Davidovich has been donating to our Adopt a Family program for the past few years. The holiday program holds a deeper meaning to him than most. “My parents got divorced when I was young. I remember my mom getting help from Jewish Family Service. I knew that our Hanukkah gifts came from there, too.” Zev recalls how special it was to receive new items at the holidays – especially new clothing. One of his most memorable gifts was an Old Navy fleece sweatshirt. “I was a teenager and to have this sweatshirt – one like so many of my friends had – it felt really good. It meant a lot to me. I didn’t feel so different even though everything had changed at home.”

Zev, now Dr. Zev Davidovich, a pediatric anesthesiologist, gives back every year with his family. He says he would ask those interested in our program to reflect on all that they have this time of year. “If you gave up just Starbucks for a month, that can go a long way. You don’t need to give a lot to make a difference that a family will remember.”


If you’re interested in our Adopt a Family program, visit us here.