Mind University

Just as you need to exercise regularly to keep your body in shape, your brain also requires a workout to reach its peak performance.

At Mind University, we offer several opportunities to challenge our brains, including:

  • Mind Aerobics classes - Mind Aerobics classes are research-based cognitive training classes developed by the New England Cognitive Center. The classes give your brain a full workout…without needing workout clothes! These fun, interactive classes target the six critical cognitive areas of the brain providing a total brain workout, and are facilitated by a trained Mind Aerobics Instructor.
  • Gray Matters Monthly Workshops – Gray Matters is a free monthly workshop series featuring a different  outside speaker each month who has expertise in brain health.  Our current flyer is listed below. (or click here to view our current flyer)
  • Family Consultations – Meet with a member of the Mind University team to discuss any cognitive concerns you may have as well as ask questions about common practical issues that may arise such as driving concerns, caregiver support and planning for the future.
  • Community Presentations – If you belong to a group that is eager to learn about brain health, our Mind University team can provide informative, engaging presentations on the following topics:
    • Lifestyle Factors that Impact Brain Health
    • Mental Stimulation and Neuroplasticity
    • Managing Stress in Uncertain Times
    • Normal Cognitive aging vs. Dementia

For more information about any of these offerings, or to find out how to enroll in a Mind Aerobics class, contact: MindU@jfsdetroit.org or 248.788.MIND (248.788.6463)

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