100 Mensches

Our Jewish community is not immune to domestic abuse. And as men, we play a critical role in raising awareness and providing education on a community level. Only then can we eliminate this all too prevalent issue. By contributing $100 to this annual campaign, you’ll help raise critical dollars needed for educational awareness and prevention initiatives in our communities; initiatives that you’ll help create and execute as a member of the 100 Mensches.

For more information about the 100 Mensches, contact Erica at 248-592-2664 or esaum@jfsdetroit.org.

Essay Contest

One of the ways the Mensches raise awareness of domestic abuse is by engaging high school seniors with an essay contest. The third annual competition is currently underway and college scholarships will be awarded to the top three submissions. Click here for more information and click here to apply.

Understanding Toxic Masculinity

Toxic masculinity is defined by adherence to traditional male gender
roles that restrict the kinds of emotions allowable for boys and men to
express, including societal expectations that men seek to be dominant
and limit their emotional range. Come learn about this phenomenon from speaker Averett Robey, Prevention Education Specialist at HAVEN.

WHEN: Tuesday, April 24, 2018, 5-7pm
WHERE: Jewish Family Service, 6555 West Maple Road, West Bloomfield

For more information or to RSVP, contact Linda at 248.592.2328 or lklein@jfsdetroit.org.