Counseling Staff

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Karen Bango


Karen Bango, MA, LLP, is a limited licensed psychologist who works to help individuals gain coping skills in order to accept themselves. Her areas of expertise include depression, anxiety, grief and loss, gambling addiction, as well as co-dependence and other issues arising from being in a relationship with an individual with mental illness or addiction problems.

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Rachel Freedland


Rachel Freedland, LLMSW, helps adults struggling with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and relationship difficulties gain insight about themselves while guiding them in their quest to change unwanted behaviors. As a former medical professional, she has a unique understanding of the mind-body connection and incorporates cognitive behavior therapy and psychodynamics in her work with clients.

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Marni Hus


Marni Hus, LMSW, is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in individuals and families impacted by autism, anxiety, depression, and behavioral concerns. Using a range of evidence- based interventions such as mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy, she works with clients to help them feel motivated and empowered to improve their lives.

Andria Kadell


Andria Kadell, LMSW, is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in work with older adults and adolescents. She relies on a variety of evidence-based techniques, such as mindfulness and art-based therapy, to help individuals, couples, and families facing major life changes, crisis and the aftermath of trauma. She takes a practiced approach in walking alongside those who wish to see change in their lives.

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Nacha S. Leaf


Nacha S. Leaf, LMSW, has been working with older adolescents, adults, couples, families and groups for more than 20 years. Using a range of methods, including cognitive-behavioral, insight-oriented, and psychoeducational, she helps clients develop hope and self-esteem while acquiring adaptive coping skills. Nacha specializes in mood disorders, anxiety, OCD, substance abuse, women’s issues, relationship difficulties, adjustment and transition issues, and the aftermath of trauma, grief and loss.

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Rozanne Sedler


Rozanne Sedler, LMSW, provides a comfortable, accepting environment to older adults, seeing clients in their own home when there is a need for this accommodation. Her areas of specialization include adjustment to loss, residential change, end of life issues, family dynamics, planning for disabled adult children and other issues affecting those in their elder years.

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Lisa Weiner


Lisa Weiner, LMSW, forms trusting therapeutic relationships with young adults, adults and couples to help them cope with the daily challenges of creating a productive and meaningful life. She incorporates elements of mindfulness and relaxation techniques to create a sense of balance between mind and body.

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Maureen Lyn Bernard


Maureen Lyn Bernard, LMSW, ACSW, CADC, CCS, provides education and support to help people move through their personal processes of change. A former nutrition consultant, she takes a holistic approach to her treatment philosophy. Her areas of specialization include addiction, mood disorders, ADD/ADHD, disordered eating, unresolved grief and loss, as well as working with the LGBTQ population.

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Tiffanie Hilgendorf


Tiffanie Hilgendorf, LMSW, CAADC, specializes in working with adults and teens experiencing addiction, mood disruptions, domestic violence and trauma. She uses various evidence-based therapy techniques, skill-building, education and support to improve quality of life for those experiencing mental health symptoms or substance use. Tiffanie works to improve motivation, self-esteem, and ability to cope so clients may live a healthier and fulfilled life.

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Laurie Epstein Kach


Laurie Epstein Kach, LMSW, ACSW, has specialized in the treatment of anxiety disorders in adults, adolescents and children for more than twenty years, including the physical issues that often accompany anxiety. Using a range of therapies, including clinical hypnosis, she works to help clients reach their full potential in life.

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Daniel Kotsias


Daniel Kotsias , LLMSW, relies on cognitive behavioral, solutions focused, and mindfulness based therapies to assist adults and adolescents with goal development and achieving their true potential. He has extensive experience helping others explore and redefine their spirituality, as well as helping those who have undergone relationship trauma such as divorce or separation.

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Madison Marcus-Paddison


Madison Marcus-Paddison, LMSW, works with children and adolescents experiencing a range of emotional challenges, including anxiety, anger management, self-esteem and behavioral issues, and parent/child conflict. An experienced school social worker, she takes a collaborative approach to help clients improve communication, social skills, coping strategies, and feelings of empowerment that allow them to choose healthy behaviors that lead to a more fulfilling life.

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Mikayla Tanner


Mikayla Tanner, LMSW, has been working with individuals, teens and pre-teens, families and couples for nearly 20 years, drawing from her training in Family Systems Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Mikayla also incorporates holistic techniques, including Eye Movement Desensitization, which helps clients heal from trauma, and Emotional Freedom Therapy. She is passionate about helping her clients identify and tap into their core strengths.